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Besly Cutting Tools, Inc. is a manufacturer of high quality HSS taps, drills, end mills and gages used world wide in the metal working industry. The company has been in business in the Beloit, Wisconsin area for more than 130 years. Besly started as the Charles H. Besly Company in August, 1875; it was re-organized as Besly-Welles Corporation in 1952. The company was purchased by Bendix Corporation in 1965, which made it a division (Industrial Tools) in 1968.

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In 1988, the company started an intensive T.Q.M. (Total Quality Management) program with its employees. Team training and worker participation programs which encourage input from everyone have resulted in a consistently high quality product. On March 3, 1989 we received the esteemed Ford Q-101 Quality Assurance Program Certification. In 1993, the «Cummins Engine Quality Award» and the «Kelsey Hayes Certified Supplier» rating were presented to Besly. More recently, in 1997 Besly earned the prestigious ISO 9001 Certification and on February 4, 2004 we passed and completed our certification audit
to the ISO 9001:2000 w/ design standard.

In November of 2005 a new company, Besly Cutting Tools, Inc was established with plans to continue customer service, technical support, inventory, shipping and manufacturing in South Beloit. Besly will continue to service it’s customer base with the high level of quality tools and service they have come to expect.

Besly’s products are manufactured to exceed all industry standards of precision. A commitment to employee awareness of high quality standards has transferred to a high quality finish on the work piece, less scrap, longer tool life, longer tool cycle – in other words, a significantly lower cost per hole.